Jado Sushi House has been sending its Japanese love to the locals since 1999

Enjoying Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Atlanta 


Welcome to Jado Sushi House! 


Take your romantic date up one notch when you have your dinner here at Jado Sushi House. We are serving beautifully prepared Japanese food 7 days a week. Enjoy here discounted prices during the happy hour on all cocktails and beers. Plus, there is a buy one, get one dishes offered certain hours every Mondays. If this is not your dream Japanese Restaurant yet, we do not anymore know what is.  


The Store 


Jado Sushi House has been sending its Japanese love to the locals since 1999. What started as a small snack shack for delicious ramen had now evolved into something favored by the people from all walks of life. The food here is simply superb, and there are always new dishes to be sampled. This is the dedication of the in-house Chief Cook, Chef Hiroki Sugimoto.  


Jado Sushi House is designed to depict a traditional Japanese design. By just walking through the door, you’d instantly feel the mood change. The entire atmosphere speaks of serenity and minimalist design that would wow even the pickiest individual. The warm lights and the melodious background music would instantly relax you and set the mood for the romantic date you are vying for. At a corner of the restaurant, you’d never miss the small man-made lagoon made specifically to upgrade the look of the place. There is also a small indoor waterfall at the same corner which sets this restaurant apart from other Japanese places in the area. We never scrimp when it comes to the luxury that would appeal to the high standard tastes of people who come here.  


The Food 


Jado Sushi House should come with a warning label. This is because when you get a taste of the authentic Japanese cuisine they offer, you’ll want for nothing else. The ramen here is to die for. More so, the sushi and sashimi which presentation gives a whole new meaning to plating give off interesting flavors that would make you not stop eating. It adds to the appeal of the food that all the ingredients used in making it are all fresh from the source. They are even outsourcing locally which helps small producers here as well. Plus, because no other costs are being paid for import of these raw products, the price set for every dishes is as affordable as possible. 


The Service 


Jado Sushi House only hires people who uphold the value of the company. Every person who is a part of the restaurant staff is trained well to be able to provide the best customer service in town. We believe in being customer-centric, and we acknowledge the fact that only when the customers are happy, would be the restaurant be a happy place. As such, we strive to put the customer above ourselves.  


So what are you waiting for? If you love Japanese food and love to get the best restaurant service in town, drive out now from under that garage door and start your way to Jado Sushi House.  And don’t let those slippery Atlanta garage door repairs slip away from under you


We’ll be waiting!