Before you reach out to out customer service representatives, you may want to check this page first to see if your concerns had already been addressed here. This page is made specifically for your convenience. 


Q: Do you allow slot reservations for this restaurant?  

A: As a matter of fact, yes we do. You can reach us via the contact details available here at our sites for reservation concerns. You can reserve anytime. This is a good initiative since slots in the restaurant is limited. Walk-ins sometimes cannot be accommodated due to the number of customers who come here. Although you could still try. 


Q: Do you deliver? How much is you delivery fee? 

A: We do deliver for places in the Milwaukee area. However, we do not have any facility to deliver outside that. For the concerns on the delivery fee, we charge 4% of the entire bill. Delivery time is from 12 NN to 5 PM only. 


Q: I am holding an event in a few days time. Do you provide catering services? 

A: We do not provide yet catering services outside Jado Sushi House. However, if you are going to hold your event here, we could cover for the services you need. We have 4 function rooms available depending on the number of guests you have for your event. You could utilize it for meetings, birthday parties and other company-related events. 


Q: Can I bring food from the outside such as a cake if I am going to celebrate an event in one of your function halls? 

A: You can bring a cake and other souvenir items for any celebrations. However, aside from that, other food items are not anymore allowed. You can choose to bring them but you need to pay an appropriate corkage fee for it.