About Us 

Jado Sushi House is a product of the creative mind of Mizuna Yamamoto. She is a business administration graduate who chose to pursue her passion for cooking and creating sumptuous dishes. She took one cooking classes after another just to master the art of cooking. She took up culinary arts 2 years after she graduated to solidify her passion. When you do not see here serving with her employees, she is mastering her craft inside her state-of-the-art private kitchen in her penthouse in downtown Milwaukee.  


Yamamoto set the standards in Milwaukee for authentic Japanese dining. She went all out starting from helping in the designing of what now became her biggest project yet – the Jado Sushi House. All the amenities you could find in her restaurant are simply magnificent in their glory. But what is amazing about the founder of this sought-after Japanese restaurant is that she was very down-to-earth and humble. Yamamoto dedicates her every weekend to the local shelter to teach the ladies there how to prepare beautiful dishes. 


Now, we only have Jado Sushi House in Milwaukee. But there are already plans in motion for the expansion of this dining. We are opening our doors to other cities around the United States starting in the mid of 2018. We’d love to widen our horizon, and we’d love to deliver great Japanese food to other members of the community.  


Jado Sushi House is the restaurant to beat when it comes to serving authentic Japanese cuisine. We are the leading provider of the freshest sashimi in town. We are popular with locals, and tourists intentionally look for us whenever they are in the area. This is because we strive to always give them the best service they deserve. Try our service now to believe it. Be one of our first 3 customers starting 7 PM and we’d give you a 10% discount on your final bill.