Nakajima at Jado Sushi | Harlem

2118 frederick douglass blvd bet 114th & 115th st nyc 10026   212-866-2118
Hidden in the vibrant South Harlem, Nakajima at Jado Sushi is a jewel box of authentic Edomae sushi, devoted to inspire sushi connoisseurs. It is here where renowned sushi chef Kunihide Nakajima, a third generation sushi chef from Tokyo, works with his magic, preparing the true Edomae sushi with freshest and best quality fish shipped daily from regional fish markets and the Tokyo Tsukiji market.

Edomae, or classic Tokyo regional style, with 400 years of history, has become rare even in Tokyo. Jado Sushi is proud to be the only restaurant serving the art of true Edomae cuisine to New Yorkers.

About Chef Nakajima's Omakase

There is a maximum of 8 people that the chef will serve at once. It is highly recommended to call us to make a reservation to ensure your seat. Please specify that you would like to sit in front of chef Nakajima. If possible, direct contact with the chef is best.

Chef Nakajima prides himself in the fact he does not use any farmed fish in his omakase. If no good quality wild tuna is available, for example, he will not use any. His goal is to please his customers that appreciate his passion and dedication to his craft.

dinner  tuesday thru sunday from 5pm
free delivery  tuesday thru sunday 5-10pm
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